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5 Benefits of Living in a Newly Constructed Downtown Phoenix Apartment

By Megan

If you’re searching for housing in downtown Phoenix, you know that there’s a wide range of options. You might be asking yourself – Do I want luxury amenities and design at a newer apartment? Or a more affordable, older building with more square footage?

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At Moontower, we understand that the sheer amount of housing options in the city can make a confusing process even more stressful.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of a few benefits of living in a new housing development in downtown Phoenix to help you feel confident while you navigate your apartment search.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Live in a New Downtown Phoenix Apartment

1. A Clean Slate

Rendering of bathroom at Moontower

Photography by Mitch Medeiros.

The feeling of a fresh, brand-new apartment may be one of the best perks of moving to a new property.

You’re the first person to sleep in your bed and take a hot shower in your bathroom. Since the whole building is brand new, you may be one of the first people to break in the gym or jump in the pool. Your brand-new apartment in Phoenix will bring a sense of novelty that’s hard to beat.

2. Updated Amenities

Residents doing yoga in the yoga studio at Moontower

The amenities are one of the biggest selling points for a new apartment complex.

From resort-style pools and spas to spacious lounges and on-demand gyms, many new developments in Phoenix offer luxury amenities to stay competitive. Having all these modern amenities makes your day that much easier. You practically never have to leave, whether you need to use the gym, grab a coffee, or get some sun at the pool.

Something important to note is the cost of using the amenities is built into your monthly rate. Although it might seem like the price is lower at an older building with limited amenities, a newer building might be more optimal for your budget.

If you add up the cost of a gym membership, transportation, and the time it takes to visit there, you may find that you save more time and money by choosing a property with a gym included, even if your monthly rate is higher.

3. Modern Design

Moontower Phoenix Kitchen

Kitchens at Moontower feature marble look quartz countertops and glazed zellige look tile backsplash. Pictured here is the Palo Verde floorplan.

A huge draw of a new apartment is the appealing aesthetic that you just won’t find in an older building in downtown Phoenix.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and modern finishes are a few details you’ll see in many new developments that set them apart from the average apartment complex.

For those with refined taste, new buildings in Phoenix are often decked out with boutique design and trendy features that make your entire living experience feel much more upscale.

4. Unexpected Perks

Moontower Phoenix Club Lounge

In a new development in downtown Phoenix, you’ll find many bonuses that people might not normally think of during their housing search.

For example, new buildings typically offer more community events. Whether you’re looking to meet people or just enjoy the free food and activities, these events are a perk that also brings the community together.

New buildings also tend to emphasize customer service. While older buildings already have an established reputation, a brand new community relies heavily on the satisfaction of its residents to maintain its name. This typically leads to a friendly, attentive staff that is excited to assist you.

5. Less Crowded

People standing outside on Moontower's courtyard

Since you get to be a part of the first group to live in your apartment complex, the building will most likely not be full if you move in within the first year of opening. You can take advantage of all the amenities the building has to offer without feeling crowded. You could potentially have the whole rooftop pool or gym to yourself!

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While every housing option has its pros and cons, we hope that this article helps you consider a few of the major benefits of living in a brand new apartment building.

If you have any other questions about the lifestyle in a new community or about Moontower, contact our leasing team!

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April 10, 2023

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