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Ultimate Guide to Parking in Downtown Phoenix

By Germanie

From its vibrant entertainment options to a thriving cultural scene, downtown Phoenix is gaining more and more attention each year. With that being said, parking in the area can be challenging. 

Whether you’re making a weekend trip to the city or you’ve been living here for years, it’s important to know your parking options. Luckily, Phoenix has a number of long- and short-term parking types, so whether you need parking for five minutes or 12 months, we’ve created this guide to help you find the option that best suits your needs. 

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In this article, we will explore the parking options and prices available in downtown Phoenix, including:

We’ve also included a few Phoenix parking resources to facilitate your experience, as well as an overview of the public transportation options in downtown Phoenix.

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Where to Park in Downtown Phoenix

Street Parking Meters

If you are looking for an easy-access, short-term parking option, metered parking would be perfect for you. Meters are one of the most affordable parking options in the area and are great if you need to grab a quick meal during lunch break or run a brief errand.

Parking meters in downtown Phoenix typically cost $1.50 per hour with the option to pay using coins, credit/debit cards, or the ParkMobile app. There are also coin-only meters in the area that cost $1 per hour.

Meters and pay stations are generally enforced from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily, including weekends and holidays. While time limits can range anywhere between 15 minutes to as long as 8 hours, most areas have a maximum duration of 2 hours. Make sure to keep an eye out for each area’s time and rules to avoid receiving a parking ticket.

Designated Parking Zones

In addition to metered parking, you can also find designated parking zones around downtown Phoenix that allow for up to four hours of parking (depending on the zone) at a similar rate as the meters.

Roosevelt Row

Located just a short walk from Moontower, Roosevelt Row offers a parking zone at a discounted rate. The zone offers parking on the streets between 1st Street and 7th Street, and from Roosevelt Street to McKinley Street. At only $1 per hour, you can enjoy up to four hours of parking!

Warehouse District

Visiting an art gallery or a concert? The Warehouse District parking zone is centrally located to all major venues in the southern end of downtown Phoenix. Between 4th Street and 7th Street, and from Jackson Street to Grant Street, you can park your car for only $1 per hour and enjoy the area’s rich history, lively entertainment and beautiful art for up to four hours.

Central Avenue Corridor

In the heart of downtown Phoenix, Central Avenue Corridor is another great parking option. The zone stretches from 1st Street and 7th Street, and from Monroe Street to Van Buren Street. While the hourly rate is the same as other zones at $1 per hour, this zone has a maximum time limit of two hours.

Public Parking Garages

The City of Phoenix operates multiple parking garages in the downtown area at a very competitive cost. These garages are a great combination of convenience and affordability, and they can be a good option if you need parking for anywhere from a few hours to a few days

The interactive map below by the Phoenix Convention Center includes the locations of many parking garages, as well as landmarks and popular locations in the downtown Phoenix area.

Let’s take a closer look at the two main public garages operated by the city:

Jefferson Street Garage

With more than 1,000 parking spaces, the Jefferson Street Garage is conveniently located near many downtown attractions in the Warehouse District, including the Arizona State Capitol, the Phoenix Convention Center and Chase Field. It is also just a few blocks away from Symphony Hall and Orpheum Theatre.

This garage is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the hourly rate is $4 per hour with a daily maximum rate of $20. It also occasionally offers parking validation and discounted rates for certain public events, so make sure to keep an eye out!

Collier Center Garage

Another garage located close to many attractions, such as the Footprint Center and Herberger Theater Center, is the Collier Center Garage. This garage offers around 1,200 parking spots, including electric vehicle charging stations.

This garage is also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hourly rate of this garage is $5, or you can purchase a day pass for $30.

Private Parking Garages

While sometimes more expensive than the public garages, private garages tend to provide more security and reserved parking options. If you are looking for parking near a specific location or property, a private garage may be a better choice. 

Additionally, some garages offer monthly or yearly parking contracts, meaning that in most cases, private garages are the best option for long-term parking.

Apartment Parking Garages

Many apartment complexes in downtown Phoenix have garages within or adjacent to the community. If you’re living at a complex with parking availability, signing a parking contract with your apartment building is likely the most convenient option for everyday access to your car.

Depending on availability, you can typically add a parking contract to your apartment lease for an additional monthly fee. While this fee will vary greatly depending on the building you choose, parking at downtown Phoenix apartments can range anywhere from $75 to $250 per month.

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To learn more about pricing for standard and reserved spots in our controlled-access parking garage, get in touch with the Moontower team.

CityScape Garage

This underground garage holds up to 2,000 cars and offers a variety of benefits. Its large size and proximity to many downtown destinations make this garage a popular option for many people. CityScape is monitored 24/7 by security cameras and onsite security personnel.

The hourly rate of CityScape Garage is $5 per hour or may require a flat fee during big events. This garage offers monthly parking at a rate of $150-$200 per month, depending on availability and location within the garage.

Central Arts Plaza Garage

In the heart of Phoenix’s art district is the Central Arts Plaza Garage. This garage is easily accessible from Central Avenue with multiple entries and exits. You will also have access to friendly customer service staff within the garage.

Open 24/7, the hourly rate for Central Arts Plaza Garage starts at $5 with a maximum daily rate of $20. Monthly parking is also available, while the rates may vary depending on availability and time of the year.

Hyatt Regency Garage

If you are looking for an option to reserve a parking space in advance, the Regency Garage might be your best option. Hyatt Regency Garage is another convenient and secure parking solution in Phoenix. It offers hourly parking, daily parking, and if you purchase a monthly parking contract, you can even enjoy the hotel’s fitness center!

This parking garage has an hourly rate of $6, and you can book your space in advance with a small additional fee. The monthly parking rate varies based on availability, but spots typically are around $200 per month.

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Photography by Brookklyn Huberty.

While these are the most popular and accessible parking options in the downtown area, it is not a comprehensive list. There are many more garages and parking zones at various rates offered throughout the city. 

To help you further explore the various parking options, let’s explore some resources that could facilitate your experience.

Downtown Phoenix Parking Apps

Parking apps are a great tool that can provide you with real-time information about availability, reservations and pricing. These apps can help you save time and even money with promotions and discounts. 

Some of the most popular downtown Phoenix parking apps include:

You can make payments, track parking time and even receive rewards through these apps. They can also provide you with specific rules of each parking garage so you can avoid getting a ticket or getting your car towed.

Public Transportation in Downtown Phoenix

If you want to avoid the hassle of finding a parking spot at all, a great alternative would be public transportation. With its modern light rail system and well-maintained infrastructure, public transportation in Phoenix is a reliable option for commuting and getting around the city.

The Valley Metro Rail, for instance, runs through downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, connecting many popular destinations and neighborhoods. The trains run from 4:40 am to 11:00 pm during weekdays and 5:00 am to 11:00 pm during weekends. Interval time may vary depending on traffic, ranging from 15-20 minutes.

A one-way fare starts as low as $2, and there are discounts available for students and seniors, and children under the age of 5 can ride for free. You can also purchase a day pass, week pass, 15-day pass, or a month pass, with prices ranging from $4 to $64.

Finding a place to park in downtown Phoenix can be a challenge, but with the right information and planning, you can make the process a lot easier. We hope that this guide has helped you gain a better understanding of the parking landscape in downtown Phoenix.

If you are interested in learning more about living in downtown Phoenix or parking at Moontower, please contact our leasing staff, who are happy to answer any questions you may have about our community.


Germanie is a Leasing Specialist at Moontower. She has 7 years of experience in sales, and 3 years of experience in multifamily leasing and marketing. In her free time, you'll find Germanie trying out new restaurants in downtown Phoenix or attending a yoga class.

June 22, 2023

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