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6 Best Apartment Amenities in Downtown Phoenix

By Ellen

With new buildings constantly going up in downtown Phoenix, it can seem like there is always a new space for residents to explore. From saunas and hot tubs to coffee shops and coworking rooms, many apartments in downtown Phoenix incorporate exciting amenities to stand out from the crowd.

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While Moontower offers a wide array of amenities including a fitness room, yoga studio and courtyard pool deck, we understand how important it is to know your options. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of seven of the best amenities at downtown Phoenix apartments.

6 Best Amenities at Downtown Phoenix Apartments

1. Highest Rooftop Pool: Altura

Altura features Arizona’s highest rooftop pool, located on the 30th floor of the property. With tons of sun chairs, a hot tub and grilling stations, this pool is the perfect place to soak up the sun and hangout with friends.

Altura Phoenix Pool

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2. X Club: X Phoenix

This all-inclusive membership for residents at The X offers coworking, fitness equipment, pool access, and other events and classes to connect with other residents. This unique experience allows you to make the most of your community amenities, with access to fitness trainers, the poolside restaurant and bar, or even a comedy show!

X Phoenix Downtown Luxury Phoenix Apartment

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3. Blanco Cocina + Cantina: The Ryan

At The Ryan, you don’t even have to leave the property to grab a drink and a bite to eat. With Blanco Cocina + Cantina on the ground floor, you and some friends can enjoy a fun dinner without even taking a step outside.

Blanco Cocina + Cantina at The Ryan Phoenix

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4. Guest Suites: The Adeline

Having friends or family visit you, but don’t have enough room to host them? The Adeline has you covered. They offer fully-furnished guest suites to accommodate your guests, without having to worry about making space in your own apartment.

5. Envoy Tesla Rental Car: CityScape

If you don’t have a car, this amenity is for you. CityScape offers a Tesla rental car service for those who need to drive but don’t have their own car. Whether you need to visit the grocery store, pick up friends from the airport, or take a day trip to Scottsdale, take advantage of this unique amenity.

6. Dry Cleaner Service: The Stewart

Whether you’re having a busy week at work, have a big meeting coming up, or just can’t bring yourself to make the trip, no worries! The Stewart offers a dry cleaner service on-site, so you don’t have to worry about carving out time to make your way to the dry cleaner.

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We hope that this list gets you excited to explore all of the coolest amenities that downtown Phoenix has to offer. If you’d like to check our Moontower’s amenities or have any other questions, contact our leasing team!

Ellen, Moontower Contributing Author


Ellen is a regular contributing author for, covering leasing tips and all things downtown Phoenix. She has 3 years of experience in multifamily leasing and marketing. Ellen is a huge foodie and has a dog named Leo.

March 09, 2023

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